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Sensolist is an omnichannel IoT, cognition, and analytics system that is accessible to users via a variety of channels, such as platform, app, and multilayer integrations with other software, systems, applications, and platforms. Sensolist is a Vega Tek Hub product. In contrast to other solutions currently on the market, Sensolist has a user-oriented design that focuses on usability, smart data visualization, ease of administration, no-coding knowledge, cost efficiency, and quick integrations.

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Sesnolist has been shown to be effective in a wide range of industries and processes

Quality control & Risk management



Marketing & Sales

Technology & Science labs

Research (Data Collection and Analysis)

Security & Monitoring

Cost efficiency

Multi-data source integrations

Improving Efficiency & Effectiveness

Real-time Data Analytics and Reporting

Wireless sensor networks, cognitive radio ad hoc networks, cloud computing, big data, and end-user applications are examples of existing cutting-edge solutions and technologies that are being integrated into the Internet of Things.

Main Features

Real-time dashboards

Real-time reporting & analytics

Quick & easy connection/integration

User-friendly interface 

No-coding knowledge is required

Data management

Customized dashboards & automation

Customized account management

Product/Service online catalog

Customized system administration

Smart maps

Customizable UI

Hardware expert team

For additional information, go to www.sensolist.com or email info@vegatekhub.com to schedule a demo