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More than 300 million people worldwide are living with an anxiety disorder. Anxiety is an emotion characterized by excessive fear, worry, feeling of tension, as well as related behavioral and physical changes such as changes in blood pressure, dizziness, tremors, sweating, restlessness, and sleep disturbances. Anxiety disorders can happen because of genetics or environmental causes or a combination of the two. Mechanism of anxiety disorders is related to disturbances in neurotransmitters such as norepinephrine, serotonin, dopamine, and GABA in the brain. The medical treatment of anxiety also targets the same neurotransmitters.

Vega Tek Hub has provided this medical animation video presented on the attached YouTube link. Symptoms of anxiety disorders can result in significant distress, interference in activities of daily life and functioning. People with anxiety disorders can have repeated intrusive or sometimes obsessive thoughts and avoid or engage in certain situations to control the anxiety.

There are different types of anxiety disorders:

  • Generalized anxiety disorder is characterized by excessive worry lasting more than 6 months unrelated to any trigger or an active cause. It can also include:
  • Panic disorder characterized by panic attacks
  • Phobia disorders such as social anxiety disorder and claustrophobia
  • Separation anxiety disorder
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder characterized by intrusive and anxiety provoking thoughts followed by seemingly impossible to stop repetitive actions to decrease the anxiety.

Anxiety disorder can be associated with other conditions such as major depressive disorder, and substance use disorder. Treatment of anxiety disorders include psychological treatment strategies such as cognitive behavioral therapy, and depending on the age and severity, medications may also be used. In addition, regular exercise, adequate rest, and eating nutritious and healthy food may help reduce symptoms of anxiety.

If you experience symptoms of anxiety, please contact your primary care doctor or your psychiatrist.

Vega Tek Hub’s animation department helps to deliver medical content to the public by creating fantastic 3D and 2D animations and real videos.

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